Saturday, April 12, 2014

With some sadness...

With some sadness, we report that we are all done. We just have a couple of people we are working out the final details with for their rewards. After that, we can give a good solid "mission accomplished" to the successful creation and publishing of our very first book!
One last order of business before we go. If you would be interesting in receiving notifications of other projects we do please let us know. We will not use this pledge list as a mailing list for anything else we do without your explicit permission. If you are interested in hearing about upcoming work, send us an email or message, or check out our Facebook page. 
We've shared our thanks many times but there really is no way that we can say it enough. This was such an exciting project for us and having the support of each one you made it more than we ever imagined. 
We sincerely, wholeheartedly, and graciously thank each and every one of you! 
-Wishing you all the best!
Adam, Suzanne, Arrayah, and all the dogs from The Dog Coffee Book!
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