Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Give The People What They Want!

We've met our original goal for getting "The Dog Coffee Book" printed! That's great news! We did it using Kickstarter ( and we got such great feedback, that it was clear our fans wanted more. So, we decided to set some "stretch" goals. If we raised extra funds toward the printing of the book, we would add extra dog characters to the story. And people responded!

Because of the amazing support, we've added these three new pooches to our cast of "The Dog Coffee Book." Thank you so much for all of your encouragement, everyone!

The Dog Coffee Book: Puppy Stage

Have you ever wondered what dogs would talk about if they got together for coffee? Well, illustrator Adam Botsford did, and shortly thereafter, "The Dog Coffee Book" was born. Adam teamed up with me, author Suzanne Akerman, to create a cast of quirky dogs and their quirky owners, who are featured in this introductory book. Eventually, we plan to launch this into a series of children's books with an important message emphasizing diversity and companionship.

We decided to help get this project funded through Kickstarter. Immediately, there were others interested in seeing these adorable dogs tell their stories of their owners, and we reached our original goal in less than two days! The page can be found here:, where you can see some examples of the illustrations as well as a new "stretch" goal we've set for ourselves and our supporters.

So if you like dogs, diversity, coffee, or any combination thereof, you'll love "The Dog Coffee Book"!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Dog Coffee Book! - Website Is Live

The author, Suzanne Akerman, and I are working on our book today in Tacoma. Bluebeard Coffee makes a great spot to write about dogs and coffee.

Be sure to check out our project site here: